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Olympiad «The Art of building is my goal»

Are you an applicant?
Do you want to get a higher education in the field of construction?

Then don't miss the opportunity to win a GRANT from the country's leading university in the field of architecture, design and construction!
Take part in the Olympiad "The Art of building is my goal"!

The winner of the Olympiad will receive the main prize — a GRANT for a year of free study at KazGASA.
For 2nd place — 50% discount for a year of study.
For the 3rd place — 25% discount for a year of study.

The date of the Olympiad is April 15 , 2022 .
The deadline for submitting the application of participants is April 10, 2022.
Students of the graduating class (11th grade) can participate in the Olympiad.
The Olympiad is held in an online format via the ZOOM platform;

You need to follow the link in the Instagram profile header and fill out the Google form.

Olympiad Program:

1. Practical task on drawing: testing (choosing the correct answer) through a Google form. 1 question – 2 min.
2. Theoretical task: testing (choosing the correct answer) through the Google online tool (Google form). 1 question – 1 min.

Physics – 5 questions;
Mathematics – 5 questions;
Natural science – 5 questions.

3. Each contestant can optionally write an essay on the topic "The art of building is my goal!". Additional points are awarded for the essay. The essay is provided with an application for participation in the Olympiad. The essay and the application are accepted by mail kasabekovag@mail.ru until 10.04.2022

Contacts for detailed information:

Faculty of General Construction (FGC), Deputy.Dean of the Higher School of Economics – Yerbol Abdrakhmanovich Yelzhanov: +7 705 221 34 44