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«Masters of аrchitecture» — Spiridon Georgievich Kosmeridi

We are launching a new section "Masters of Architecture", the guests of which will be our respected teachers, professors with many years of experience in the field of architecture and construction, who have made a great contribution to the development of education

Our first guest is Spiridon Georgievich Kosmeridi

Spiridon Georgievich Kosmeridi — Doctor of Architecture, Professor of the Kazakh Head Architectural and Construction Academy (KazGASA), Honored Architect of the Kazakh SSR, Academician of the International Academy of Architecture of Kazakhstan, academician of the Design Academy "KAZGOR", Chairman of the Council of the Society of Greeks "Eos" Almaty, member of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, member of the Council of Foreign Greeks (SAE) Asia-Of Africa, a member of the antiquarians of Kazakhstan, a member of the Union of Architects of Kazakhstan.