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Military Department opened in International educational Corporation

On February 10, 2023, the minister of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan R. Zhaksylykov signed an order on the establishment of a military department in the International Educational Corporation in accordance with subparagraph 26-23) of Paragraph 2 of Article 22 of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan". This decision was agreed with the Ministry of Science and higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that the military departments of higher educational institutions of Almaty train Reserve Officers in 48 specialties. After completing training at the department, the student has the right to enter further military service under a contract. In addition to the main specialty, students have the opportunity to get a military specialty. After graduation, they are awarded the rank of Officer. One of the main advantages of training is exemption from compulsory military service.