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The acceptance of applications for the competition of vacant educational grants is announced

The acceptance of applications for participation in the competition for the award of vacant educational grants released in the process of obtaining higher and postgraduate education is announced.

The competition is open to students, undergraduates studying on a paid basis, following the results of the summer examination session of the 2021-2022 academic year.

The criteria for the selection of applicants are the results of intermediate certification based on the average grade of academic performance / GPA/, participation in the scientific and social life of the university.

In the case of identical indicators of the average GPA, students with grades only A, A- ("excellent") have the pre–emptive right, next of all - grades from A, A- ("excellent") to B+, B, B–, C+ ("good"), then - mixed grades for the entire period of study.

A sample application form for the rector and the number of grants released for 2022 were provided:
Number of grants
Application form