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Congratulations on becoming the owner of the state scientific scholarship!

The International Educational Corporation congratulates the candidate of architecture, associate professor, dean of the Faculty of Design Amandykova Dina Abilmazhinovna and PhD, associate professor of the Faculty of general construction Bryantsev Alexander Alexandrovich on becoming the owner of the state scientific scholarship!

In accordance with the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 19, 2011" on prizes and State Scientific scholarships in the field of Science " and on the basis of the decision of the final meeting of the Competition Commission for consideration of materials and preparation of decisions on awarding awards, the awarding of State Scientific scholarships is carried out annually. The purpose of State Scientific scholarships is to increase the prestige of the teaching profession and motivate them for further professional achievements.

This year, 75 scientists in the areas of leading scientists and young scientists became holders of State Scientific scholarships.

The competition evaluated scientific publications in domestic and international journals, the presence of patents for inventions, etc. The quality of the candidate's training, his work on training personnel in Bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs were also evaluated.

We sincerely congratulate our colleagues! We wish you new professional heights and scientific achievements!