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Educational resource DATALIB.RU

Dear teachers and students,

your educational institution has been granted free test access to a unique educational platform for training personnel in the digital economy DATALIB.RU from 25.04.22 to 31.05.22

DATALIB platform.RU is an educational resource that provides full—text access and contains a unique collection of educational content on digital technologies, a key source of knowledge for the formation of universal competencies in the digital economy in Russian educational organizations, as well as a tool for designing digital disciplines and forming smart courses.

DATALIB content.RU is:
• over 2,000 publications on end-to-end technologies and branches of knowledge selected in accordance with the strategy of digital transformation of key sectors of the economy;
• for 3,000 disciplines;
• about 800 publications on the basics of computer science and programming, combinatorics; educational technologies;
• At least 10% of publications are included in the platform as part of the Digital University Library competition launched by AI Pi Ar Media and supported by Innopolis University.

In addition to the digital library, the platform includes unique video lectures recorded as part of the project "Lecture Hall.DATALIB" is an exclusive educational content on end—to-end digital technologies from industry leaders.

What you need to start working on the platform now:
1. View the webinar on working with the platform at the link: https://youtu.be/4LhZS2iyH9U
2. Register remotely on the website: https://datalib.ru
3. For identification, enter the kazgasa login and the CANzWfjg password
After identification, the system will offer to pass a personal registration to work in your Personal Account and come up with your original password.
4. Now you can use all the features of the platform DATALIB.RU !

Technical questions on working with the DATALIB educational platform for training personnel in the digital economy.EN send to the address office@datalib.ru . Phone: 8-800-555-22-35 ext. 200 (toll-free in Russia).