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Interview of Aigazy Kusainov and Raushan Amangeldikyzy about the KazGASA school on the pages of Forbes

On February 28, Forbes published an interview with Aigazy Kusainov and Raushan Amangeldikyzy about the KazGASA school. "They want to make the KazGASA School a center of attraction for world-class knowledge and creativity," is the title of the article.

The opening of the KazGASA school is indeed, perhaps, a unique event. In this connection, this event arouses great interest and questions from the society. As the article says: "A well-known scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences Amirlan Kusainov dreamed of creating an international–level architectural and construction educational holding in the country with a full cycle of teaching children - from primary school to doctoral studies. The dream was destined to come true thanks to the son of the late academician Aigaza Kusainov and a team of his associates ...".

"We wanted to create an elite school with a creative environment, which will become a one-of-a-kind center for early training of future architects, builders, designers, primarily for the Kazakh industry. That is, children will be prepared in advance for in-depth study of these specialties, and then work on them. The goal is the unconditional recognition of the knowledge and certificates of our graduates for their further admission to the best universities in the world," Aigazy Kusainov says in his interview.

In turn, Raushan Amangeldikyzy told in detail about the work process, about new teaching methods and that initially joining the team of Aigaza Amirlanovich, she knew that the KazGASA school would be revolutionarily different.

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