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Casting "Miss University"

Hurray! We have great news!
We want to introduce you to the girls who will compete for the title of the first Miss in the history of the International Educational Corporation!

The casting was a great success! All the girls showed their abilities, and after all, not only appearance is evaluated at the beauty contest, intelligence, ingenuity and talent are important here.

You know, semi-finalists of the main competition this spring:
001 Bolatova Adele, Kazgasa College
002 Zhakanova Aknur, KazGASA
004 Wagner Valeria, Kazgasa College
005 Alieva Emina, KazGASA
007 Askarova Lyazzat, KazGASA
008 Myrzakhmetova Albina, KazGASA
011 Kulibayeva Asem, KazGASA
014 Iztileu Elvira, AСС
009 Kurbanova Sabina, AСС
022 Kamasheva Zhansaya, KazGASA
016 Nikolaeva Victoria, AСС
017 Bald Milena. KAU
019 Kenesova Aliya, KazGASA
015 Semakova Victoria, Kazgasa College
012 Konarbayeva Bibidana, Kazgasa College
021 Sanak Moldir, KazGASA
025 Ekaterina Firsova, KazGASA
026 Zalenova Asem, KAZGASA
030 akan Aigerim, KAU School
031 Khokhlatova Natalia, Kazgasa College
033 Ersinova Asem, KazGASA
034 Muratova Aida, ACC
035 Merekekyzy Nazym, KazGASA
003 Elmira Alpamyskyzy, KazGASA
018 Abdykhalieva Assel, KazGASA

Interesting events, photo shoots and master classes are waiting for the girls ahead, where they will be able to unleash their potential.

We wish good luck to all participants! Stay with us throughout the contest!