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Meeting with the management team of the Turkish company Kale Group

On December 20, 2022, a meeting with the management of the Turkish company Kale Group took place within the walls of the International Educational Corporation.

The meeting was attended by President and CEO of Kale Group Zeynep Bodur Okyai, Vice President for Production Systems and Operational Development Taryk Ozchelik, CEO of Kaleseramic Altug Akbash, CEO of Invesco Asia in Almaty Engin Soysal, CEO of Invesco Project Company Sergey Grishin and other representatives of employer companies.

Rector of the IEC, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Imandosova Margarita Bulatovna addressed the guests with a welcoming speech, expressed her gratitude to the delegation from Turkey for their visit. The Rector of the IEC emphasized that for high-quality training, it is necessary to ensure a close connection between education and production, that each graduate must have all the necessary competencies and skills in demand in the labor market, and the IEC is doing a lot of work in this direction together with employers. One example of such cooperation is the creation of the Invesco Asia Training Center on the basis of the IEC. Students who have successfully completed their studies at this center are already working at the production sites of "Invesco Asia".

It was also noted that during the repair work of the IEC (KazCASA) building, facade materials of the Invesco Asia company were used, which is also an example of the contribution of our partners to the development of cooperation.

In continuation of the meeting, Engin Soysal, General Director of Invesco Asia, noted the importance of the practical training received for students, carried out through cooperation between the company and the university. Relying on his 20-year experience, Engin stressed that we can create any opportunities for achieving certain goals ourselves and, in turn, thanked Margarita Bulatovna for her openness to cooperation.

In her speech, the President and CEO of Kale Group Zeynep Bodur Okyai first mentioned the hospitality of Kazakhstan and expressed admiration for such a warm welcome of the International Educational Corporation. She familiarized the audience with the history of the Kale Group of companies, the directions of their activities and expressed her willingness to cooperate with the IEC.

During the meeting, the guests were able to get answers to their questions about the IEC, about education in Kazakhstan, about the IEC educational programs, etc. Dean of the Faculty of Construction Technologies, Infrastructure and Management Aksaya Sansyzbaevna Estemesova told about the educational program "6B07211 - Technology of woodworking and wood products (by application)".

At the end, an additional agreement was signed between the International Educational Corporation and Invesco Asia to expand the areas of study at the Training Center and cooperation in general.