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Recruitment of students to prepare for admission to the TOP-20 universities in England and USA

Friends, we have great news!

KAU and Quatrum Education announce the opening of a set of students in the preparation group for admission to the TOP 20 universities in America and England for BACHELOR's and MASTER's degrees according to the QS rating.

The preparation is carried out in two main directions:
1. Preparation for IELTS or TOEFL
Cost: individual lesson - $ 35 per lesson, group lesson - $ 20 per lesson
Duration of study: on average 5-7 months (depending on your level of English)
Format: online/offline
Teachers: Native speakers and local teachers specializing in IELTS or TOEFL

2. Preparation for admission to the magistracy

We will help:
• choose suitable universities based on the desires and advantages of the listener
• develop a strategic plan for each stage of admission
• prepare for the ACT(SAT) and IELTS (TOEFL) exam
• write an essay
• submit documents
• develop extracurricular activities to improve student resume
• apply for Financial Aid (Grant) and many others.

Our teachers, mentors and mentors are graduates
of the world's leading universities, such as: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Massachusetts University of Technology,
Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge. Many of the team members have worked at these universities for a long time or were part of admissions committees.

Interesting? Then sign up for courses and get closer to your dream!

Contacts for information and recording:
+7 (701) 838 6826 Aigerim
+7 (777) 116-54-48 Artem