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the first game of the KVN league "JAIDARMAN MOK" was held

On November 30, the first game of the KVN league "JAIDARMAN MOK" was held at the Concordia Student Theater, with the support of the Almaty City Youth Policy Department and the State Youth Policy Development Fund.

Only 9 teams took part in the KVN league "JAIDARMAN MOK" — students of the IOC, Almaty College of Communications and KazGASA College. The game consisted of 3 parts:

1. Greeting — team members introduce themselves and their team. The greeting consists mainly of text jokes and miniatures.
2. Biathlon — team members "shoot" jokes, and the jury removes the less liked team from the distance after each lap.
3. Warm—up - teams have to come up with a funny answer in thirty seconds to the questions that are asked by other teams, the audience, the jury and/or the host.

Specially invited artists, student activists performed at the event, and distinguished guests such as:

Kulymbetov Ondasyn Dinmukhanbetovich — Director of the Almaty branch of KVN RMOO "Union of KVN of Kazakhstan", KVN developer

Raphael Hasanov — President-OUL "Association of Graduates of orphanages of Kazakhstan"

Hasanov Sunnatulla Khursand — Chairman of the Student Government of KazNMU named after S.Zh. Asfendiyarov

The prizes of the KVN league "JAIDARMAN MOK" were distributed as follows:

I place — 100.000 tenge
The DS Team
The "Qap-Qara" team
II place — 50,000 tenge
Team "FSTIM"
III place — 25.000 tenge
The KAiS Team

We would like to sincerely congratulate the winners of "JAIDARMAN MOK"! We thank all the players and all the teams for their participation and brilliant game! We wish you success in your new endeavors!