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Graduates of the Association of Architectural and Construction Specialties of the IEC met many years later

On February 16, a long-awaited meeting of graduates took place within the walls of the International Educational Corporation. The purpose of this event was to discuss future plans for the development and work of the Association.
It is worth noting that many of the graduates of KAZGAS are today successful state public figures, heads of domestic and international companies, engineers and scientists. For many years, the KAZGAS Alumni Association has been assisting in strengthening scientific, cultural and business ties between Kazakhstani and foreign specialists. Supports professional growth, as well as creates conditions for more effective development of cultural and professional activities.
Initially, the purpose of the Association was to unite graduates into a single community for the development of professional, scientific and social ties to increase the competitiveness of the university and its graduates, improve the quality of education, strengthen its authority, preserve and multiply the unique values of education and traditions of continuity.
Participants and guests were able to share their experiences and tell about what skills and knowledge helped them achieve professional success.
During the meeting, a tour of the KAZGAS school was organized. In turn, the director of this educational institution, Raushan Amangeldievna, spoke in detail about each direction and development of the school, also presented the innovations introduced into the practice of teaching schoolchildren. Modern technologies, a foreign program and an individual approach to each student – all this is in this ultra-modern school.
Then the guests were escorted to the main academic building of KAZGAS, where they began their student and work activities. Due to the total reconstruction of the building, a lot of work was done to improve the university. As the Chairman of the IEC Supervisory Board A.A. Kusainov noted: "We want to create the best conditions for the education of our students. And for further development, it would be good to combine common efforts to train professionals. We need close cooperation with construction and architectural companies, various associations in the field of culture and construction. Our task is a employed and competent graduate, and of course, a satisfied employer. It is important that theory and practice are inseparable."
Rector, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Imandosova M.B. also stressed the importance and role of the Alumni Association and listened to the ideas and suggestions of the guests. "We are ready to include in our work programs the knowledge, the skills that our student should have. We are open to new ideas and suggestions to improve the quality of knowledge at our university," she said.
Vice-Rector for Corporate and Social Development Malaeva D.K., as well as Director of the Marketing Department Azamat A.A. spoke in detail about the activities of the IEC to date and proposed new joint projects. For example, the following areas of development and cooperation were presented:
- Active participation in the promotion of the Association.
- Active participation in academic activities.
- The project "mentor program".
- The project "Grants and scholarships from the Alumni Association".
- The Technopark project.
- Creation of an Endowment.
By the end of the official part of the meeting, the participants discussed important points on the implementation of the proposed projects. It was also decided to hold the meeting quarterly and attract even more IEC graduates. The event ended with a warm and fascinating conversation over a cup of tea and memorable photos.