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Memorandum of cooperation between the IEC and the Regional Educational and Methodological Center "Zhetisu Daryny"

On January 27, the International Educational Corporation signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Regional Educational and Methodological Center for Identification and Support for Gifted Children and Talented Youth "Zhetisu Daryny" of the state institution "Zhetisu Regional Education Department".

The memorandum was signed by the rector of the IEC Imandosova Margarita Bulatovna and the director of "Zhetisu Daryny" Zhaukarova Zhanna Begimbekovna.

The memorandum provides for joint training of personnel, conducting trainings, advanced training courses and seminars, as well as the development of joint educational programs covering the full production cycle, which will ensure the continuity of training of potential applicants.

Following the meeting, the parties remained confident in the possibility of creating joint projects and further building up bilateral relations.