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Results of the «American Education Challenge» Olympiad

Results of the «American Education Challenge» Olympiad

Friends, the annual «American Education Challenge» has come to an end, which united applicants from all over the country in the fight for a grant.

The Olympiad «American Education Challenge» was created with the aim of attracting the most creative, smart, innovative and talented children of the country!

The final was held within the walls of the IEC, and consisted of 2 stages.
At the first stage, the participants had to pass an interview. The second stage was aimed at solving cases by specialties.

All the works were excellent, creative and bright, the participants showed themselves creatively and proved that everyone deserves to win. The jury selected the best participants, and the prizes were distributed as follows:

I place - 100% discount for the entire period of study
Baitasov Tolebi Danabekovich - Shymkent
Rasulova Rakhima Rashidkyzy - Turkestan

II place - 100% discount for 2 years of study
Tyrkesbayev Islam Ergazyuly - Balkhash
Berik Serikovich Zarkumov - Almaty
Bektursynova Elvira Omirbayevna - Taraz
Kuanyshova Zhangul Amantaykyzy - Aktobe

III place - 100% discount for the first year of study
Payyz Kadyrzhan Ashirhanuly - Shymkent
Tarasova Darya Vitalievna - Karaganda city
Abdrakhmanova Sabina Askarovna - Kostanay
Sailaubai Zhaina Abaykyzy - Atyrau
Nukusbayev Mirat Kairatuly - North Kazakhstan region Petropavlovsk
Doshimov Baibek Botirovich - Shymkent
Tileubai Askarbek Yerlanuly - Kostanay
Mauletkazy Ayym Zhayykkyzy - Almaty

Also, we would like to note that all participants were given a 10% discount for the first year of study.

* According to the results of the competition for the award of a state educational grant, the prizes of the holders of state grants will be transferred to the following winners according to the list
* When applying for a grant, the applicant must specify KAU as the desired place of study

Congratulations to the winners and future students of KAU on their magnificent victory! We express our gratitude to all participants for their active participation and efforts! We wish you creative success, brilliant victories and inspiration! We are waiting for you in KAU!