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         In honor of the international day π on March 14, 2022, the Club "Physics in Construction and Architecture" of the Faculty of Building Technologies, Infrastructure and Management (FSTiM) of the International Educational Corporation / IEC, campus of the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering / KazGASA), organized an intellectual show among university teams Almaty city.
  11 teams from various universities of the city took part in the qualifying round, which demonstrated phenomena, experiments, hypotheses and π-treats using this constant in a gambling and competitive environment.
    In online testing, students showed high results (teams distinguished themselves: the 220 Volt team (Academy of Logistics and Transport / ALiT), the Apollo 12 team (International Educational Corporation / IEC, KazGASA campus, Faculty of General Construction / FOS), the team " π-fagor" (Kazakh National Women's Pedagogical University / KazNZhPU;
In the final round, the struggle continued in the former pleasantly tense atmosphere and the teams went on with approximately equal results. The teams took turns answering questions with a choice of categories (Categories:
"Science city", "Processes and phenomena", "Laws and formulas", "Scientists", "Day ").
The results of intellectual games between student teams of universities in Almaty ended with the following results:
                 1st place - team "220 Volt" (Academy of Logistics and Transport / ALiT), Team leaders: Akhmetova Patam Turganovna, Dyachenko Elena Anatolyevna
                 2nd place -
 "π-fagor" team (Kazakh National Women's Pedagogical University/KazNZhPU. Heads: Tugelbayeva Gulnaziya Tugelbaevna, Abdilda Magzhan Akimzhanovich;
* Peaceful Atom team (International Educational Corporation / IEC, KazGASA campus, Faculty of General Construction / FOS) team leaders Aimagambetova Zaure Tulenovna, Kulimova Raisa Yusupbaevna;
3rd place -
 Team "Atom" (Almaty University of Energy and Communications / AUPET), leader Nysanbayeva Saltanat Kosshibaevna AEzhBU;
 Team "220 Volt" (Kazakh National Research Agrarian University / KazNIAU), leader Nurkamyt Aiman Bekturovna;
 Team "Granite of Science" (International Educational Corporation / IEC, KazGASA campus, faculty of building technologies, infrastructure and management / FSTiM) leaders Aimagambetova Zaure Tulenovna, Tashimbetova Akdana Tursynkhanovna.
Participants and guests of the competition received a powerful positive charge.
Words were spoken not only with congratulations to the guests and winners of the competition, but also words of gratitude to the organizers.
         It should be noted the initiative and creativity of the 1st year students of the Department of General Construction (FOS) and the Department of Building Technologies, Infrastructure and Management (FSTiM) who pleased with their collective and responsible attitude to the common cause, thanks to which, the organizers, assoc.prof. FSTiM Aimagambetova Z.T., assistant prof. FSTiM Kulimova R.Yu. and Tashimbetova A.T. managed to take into account all the nuances of the event and arrange a holiday of intellect.
The organizers expressed their gratitude to the IEC Youth Center, which organized musical performances and supported the festive atmosphere.
          During the event, the participants were motivated to implement further bold plans.