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Foreign internship of IEC teachers within the framework of the Erasmus+ program

In 2023, teachers of the International Educational Corporation within the framework of the Erasmus+ program completed an internship abroad at the University of Gdansk in Gdansk, which is one of the largest universities in Poland.

The purpose of the trip was :
- professional development of IEC teachers;
- development of cooperation between the International Educational Corporation and the University of Gdansk;
- familiarization with foreign practice;
- study of the experience of foreign universities and their contribution to the world scientific community.

During the internship, our specialists visited France, specifically in the city of Paris with an excursion tour organized by InnoCamp specifically for the participants of the international week, where they gained valuable knowledge, got acquainted with the country, with its rich history, traditions and people.

We thank the University of Gdansk for the cooperation and the incredible opportunity! We wish our teachers great success and achievements in their professional activities!