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Graduates in translation studies are not only fluent in a foreign language, but also proficient in other fields, such as law, economics, special knowledge in the oil and gas industry, political science, and banking.

Tuition fees — from 750 000 KZT

Translation studies

What will you learn?
Professional competencies
  • Provide written translations
  • Conduct consecutive interpretation at conferences, negotiations, business meetings, presentations and other events
  • Mediate various types of interlanguage and intercultural communication
  • Conduct research in the field of translation studies and philology
  • Advise on the issues of the studied foreign language and culture
  • Edit and abstract informative texts. Carry out abstracting and annotation of foreign language literature
Career opportunities
  • translator-assistant
  • guide-translator
  • editor of translated texts
  • specialist in intercultural communication
  • project manager for translation
  • translator in the field of media communication
  • specialist in translation studies, translation theory and intercultural communication
  • specialist in professional industry translations

How to enroll in this educational program?

Take the UNT, the elective subjects World History and Foreign Language
Submit documents to the IEC selection committee
Request for a free consultation
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